Sexy Kayla Plays The Famous $100 Bill Game In A Lamborghini – Can She Take It?

There are hundreds ways how to test your car if its fast enough or not.The classic one is challenging another car on the racing track,or the illegal way:on the streets.But is this fair enough?There is another way to test it,a funny one.You don’t have to line up your car against other cars that might have more horsepower under the hood,or the driver is just with a little more experience than you in this extreme sport.Not to much people know that exist a game that require some skills to win it.

sexy kayla1

All you have to do is find a passenger,possibly a sexy one like the guys from did in this video.Sexy Kayla is the passenger here and she will try to win this game.The driver put a $100 bill in front of her and she will do her best to take it while the car,in this case a Lamborghini,is running fast,as much as it can.

And here we go.The first shift and the second went in just 2-3 seconds.Now she has to try to take that famous bill and show the driver that his car is not fast enough to beat her.
In her first try seems that she couldn’t take it but not because the car were too fast but the seatbelt doesn’t allow her to reach that bill.

When she removed it,the dollar bill was in her hands.Here you go driver,your car is not fast enough to win this game.The question is:Is the car too slow or is Kayla to smart and too strong to beat it? We are waiting for your opinion in the comment section below.Share this video with your friends and why not,try this game and see how fast you vehicle is.Enjoy!