Has Your Car Ever Tried Being Washed By Abigail?

Watching hot girls washing cars was something only in the movies or in a rapper music video back in the days.However, this old game used to attract some attention has forgotten a cool video of a well-known hot model, Abigail Ratchford, washing a Mini-Cooper.Because of that, we thought it was worth sharing it.She is from Pennsylvania and she has just included herself in the world of celebrity media.She has collaborated with a lot of men’s websites and also featured in television shows and in a film as well.


I don’t know about your car but mine is getting too dirty and it needs a nice wash by her, LOL! We invite you to enjoy the video we share for you today even it is not related to our website’s main topics, but who cares we just enjoy everything it has a car in it.Share it with your friends and stop dreaming of her washing your old car because it will never happen, LOL! Enjoy!

Check it out!