About Us

Hi, Folks, Welcome on our page. Let me tell you about us. We are a group of internal combustion engines monks, being enthusiasts and passionate for cars, speed, bikes. If you feel, that you are the same, don`t hesitate to visit our hood at least once a day, you will have some cool videos, pictures, and info. Well, if you think, that we are another one “enthusiast webpage with car videos, pictures and girls”, well it`s not, we tend to have some practical value, to share our mechanical experience with you. It`s not just about cars, it`s about how it works, who drives them. If the best perfume for you is the smell of gasoline, if the scent of burning tires is the same beloved, as your mom`s hair scent, you are definitely the car maniac the same as us!
Here we are speaking, showing, discussing, admiring or disliking cars, trucks, bikes and all that has the engine and can move itself. Despite to everyone`s love for million bucks hypercars we have saved in our hearts love for American Muscles. We adore their huge motors and low MPG, we love their sound, we love everything about American Muscle cars!
Become the part of our family, of our religion, and you will see how your car will grace you. If you are mechanic passionate, then don`t sit in your garage tete-a-tete with your ride, come to us, check out our page, and you will find the answer on your mechanic problem, for sure, also you can share your experience with all other addicts. We are quite a large family.
You know what, girls like guys, who know about the cars. So if you want to increase your pick-up level, then, you are Welcome too. Watch our vids, and someday you can help a pretty girl on the road, because we will tell you how it works, and how to fix it. Grab some racing experience from us to explore your ride`s resources.
Well, if you are all about the cars, if you are passionate, then we have a large parking here, and everyone finds the place. Also we have a forgoing plan to open the store with some cool content related to the cars. If you have some questions, or you just want to speak about some rides in private, or you want us to write about your monster, just mail us on the speedenri@gmail.com, and we will discuss everything.
So Folks, don`t forget to drive-in to check out some new stuff.