Why Aren’t These Amazing Airless Tires On The Market Yet?

Bridgestone airless tires.
When you`re getting a nail in your tire, this is so upsetting, because you need to lose precious time to put the spare tire. This is annoying. You, probably, heard about airless tires. No, this is not a just simple tube of rubber, like on the toddler trike. This is very serious technology, that came from military domain. First airless tires were shown a couple of years ago and tested on Humvee. In civilian sphere, those tires were used at suvs and construction machinery. However, first tires were not so efficient, they main purpose was to be safe, and to in case of damaging to help the vehicle leave the danger sector.

This tire could run, ever it was 30% damaged when conventional air tire cannot be used if it is damaged by the only single bullet. As something new, society did not receive this tire, as something perspective, but now time to accept this type of wheel. I am confident, that this is future of the wheel. Bridgestone presents airless tire. It has a different design from the first wheel of this kind, and it made with perspective to be installed on every car in the future. This tire is made of hundreds of thermoplastic arms that are oriented in opposite directions. Such construction helps to share the load on the tire more evenly. Moreover, this tire can be used a lot longer because you will just change the rubber thread, that contacting the asphalt.

This is an awesome feature because we can save money, buying just new thread, and not paying for the completely new tire. For speed-addicts, this is a gift, because this tire is lighter and sharper because there will be no sidewall fluctuations. Airless tires, in general, is more environmental-friendly, than a conventional tire, because we have a huge mass of the used tires, polluting large areas. Well, when this tire will be a not just prototype I will, definitely, buy me a set of these!