Built Camaro,Nasty Supra And a Badass Mustang Stopped In The Red Light – Wild Street Race!

” Coincidence is the king of the world ” says a famous phrase from ancient Greek culture.We don’t know if in the video we brought for you today coincidence brought this nasty rides together but what we know is that it is the coolest street race we have seen so far. But, even if this street race is set up by the drivers it still remains the most badass race we have seen lately.That’s because the rides included in it are icons of street races.Built Camaro, Nasty Supra, and a badass Mustang! Tell me another street race wich is cooler than this.


Imagine yourself in your Supra stopping before the red light and when you turn your head left, you see a Camaro lining up across you.Then, when you turn your head to the right you see a Mustang lining up across you too.Can you imagine the adrenaline rushing through your veins? Of course not because you don’t own a Supra, LOL! This is what exactly happened in the video you will see below.Share it with your friends and enjoy!

Check it out!