800HP Camaro vs. Mustang – The Face You Make When You Hear That Your Opponent Has Double Your Horses!

Camaro Versus Mustang!
Everyone that loves the racing world knows for sure that the rivalry between Camaro and Mustang has been with us for many many years now, and I think that this war will never end.We’ve never understood why lately Mustang has been totally covered with a very bad luck, beginning with the crowd crashes and ending on the video we brought you today!

camaro versus mustang

On a nice sunny day like that one, a Mustang owner rolled up on a Camaro which was hiding a huge surprise for the Mustang driver.Of course, it was a bad surprise for him learning that Camaro was producing 800HP.We will never forget the face he and his passenger made after they barely heard the number of horses that Camaro had under the hood hahahahah because they were making a lot of noise while hahaha.Check it out!

Camaro Versus Mustang-Monster 800HP Camaro Left Some Mouths Open!