Watching a Clutch Engage From The Inside Is So Satisfying To Watch!

Of course, you may know the working principle of every car part that is put together inside a vehicle but there is another view not everyone has the opportunity to see.Watching how a car part working from the inside of it is quite impossible but there are some gearheads around the world that give us the pleasure to enjoy these cool footages.For example, the guy from “Ovalbore” Youtube channel that has cut the bell housing just to see a clutch engage from the inside of it!


That huge cutout in the bell housing gives us a super clean view of a clutch in action.It makes us understand the real action this part of the car goes through.In the video, this guy provided to us, the car being used for the experiment is a 1998 BMW 323is with a ZF310 trans.Of course, it doesn’t look like in its best condition ever but think about it, this is the real reason it is used for this video.Enjoy!

Check it out!