Don’t Try To Escape Brazilian Police – They Will Shoot You!

Toughest cops in the World.
Where are the toughest cops in the World? In USA? Well, they look quite tough guys, and have very cool outfit. Actually, when we tell “American Cop” we imagine a tall male with muscles in sunglasses, who rides very beautiful motorbike. Yeah, they look very tough. They can chase a car, on the highway, or in the city, they can shot the thief, but they are not so tough, like Brazilian Cops. Actually, Brazil is well-known all over the World for its Criminal World, like all Latin America as well.

Why police here is working hard and quite rough? Remember Soccer Word Championship in Brazil, FIFA had serious doubts about safety. In just few months, Criminal Situation in Brazil was changed. Tourists even were allowed to visit Fawellas. Of course there were some rough methods required to do this, because if Brazilian Cops cared too much about Human Rights, that criminal situation would remain very dramatic even now.

If you surf on the web, you will see how works motorcycle police in Brazil, they can shot you dead, if you try to run from them. But how about if thief stole a car, and tries to escape? Don`t worry, cops will track them, from the helicopter. So what is very tough in here? Despite of American Colleagues Brazilian police can shoot from the machine gun in the car. That`s what they did in the video. I think, if you pulled right in Brazil by local cops – do it immediately. If you don`t stop, they have right to open fire to defeat you. After some gunshots, that thief in stolen truck makes vital decision to stop, because Helicopter cops are equipped with the machine gun.

This is a very strong argument to do everything they require.
Those rough methods helped to change situation, and now there is only one law in Brazil.