This Is What 0-316 MPH In Under 4 Seconds Looks Like – Like a Bullet!

Dragster Cam – Ride a bullet
We like drag racing this is a spectacular competition, moreover this is very democratic races, because everyone can drag with someone, without any strict conditions for his vehicle. Even truck-driver adores drag racing, those diesel guzzlers. We see dragging cars everyday on the streets. Car guys love to compete each other on the straight strips. They start from the place, or from the roll, but the essence in the same. Stangs, Camaros, Corvettes, JDMs and other stuff is trying to find out who is the toughest and fastest. Of course, there are organized competitions where safety is primary condition, not as in illegal street racing, where power, speed and adrenaline rules.

dragster cam

Usually competitions are organized on weekends; this is made not only in order to attract more visitors. Such racing weekends are usually seprated in different classes. Snails are opening the weekend, and cherry on the pie are Top Fuel bullets.We call them dragsters, and usually they are built by teams of enthusiasts, because they have gasoline instead of blood. Top Fuel Dragsters are the white bone of racers. And years along fans could admire only tribunes, but look around, we are in XXI century, and action cams are used everywhere, even cops have bodycams.

Dragster Cam Shows What 0-316 mph In Under 4 Seconds Looks Like!

We have exclusive opportunity to watch the drag with racer`s eyes. An action camera mounted on the helmet gives us unique possibility to be inside the cockpit. We can hear even how racer is breathing. Turn sound on maximum and enjoy. Burnout to heat up the tires, and preparing for start. Feel your sweaty palms and pulse. In just few seconds’ dragster catapults forward, the image in this moment is not focused; I bet pilot has the same feeling. The most interesting moment is to hear pilot`s breath after he stops.