Epic Battle – Nissan GTR vs. Corvette C7 Stingray

How can you compare thoughts and feelings? This is quite the same, as comparing GTR and Stingray. Two different views, two different concepts, two absolutely different cars! Wikipedia names Nissan GTR Supercar, placing him in the same hall of fame with Ferrari, Porsche and Lambo. I think, Stingray is quite undervalued ride, because it can compete with GTR. Our Ninja has twinturbo 3.8 ltr V8 engine, which can give you up to 600 Hp under the hood, full time AWD and launch control on the latest versions. C7, being true American rebel is equipped with 6.2 V8, supercharghed engine with 466 Hp.

I can`t be objective in this review, because GTR is the Diamond of Automotive Engineering! Hand-assembled engines, 6 gear automatic transmission, dual clutch, AWD. Even though, Nissan is highly engineered masterpiece, Stingray has its own magic. Old-School sound, RWD, it can be equipped either with 6 gear automatic tranny, or 7 gear manual shift. This car is much more interesting to drive, because you have interaction with it.
As all american cars Stingray has softer suspention, which makes quite big banks for the sportcar on the acceleration and braking. Active Handling System doesn`t work as good as Nissan`s Traction Control. Accelerating from zero Stingray starts with smal burnout, when Nissan, as a real Ninja strarts without any sound from tires, just engine raging. ¼ mile Stingray makes in 12.4 seconds and 113.7 mph at the finish line, GTR makes this task with 11.3 seconds and 120.7 mph at the line.

Braking system in Corvette is more effective, then in Nissan. Full stop from 60, Vette is doing in about 99ft, and Samurai needs 14ft longer distance…Well, Stingray is lighter with about 300kgs. In the slalom exercise those rides have nearly the same results, even if GTR is AWD. But, the emotions from driving Corvette are lot stronger, than Nissan can give.
Conclusion: Stingray is stylish and emotional car. It gives you a unique experience of true driving. Rear wheel drive can give you a lot of emotions and make your palms sweat. Soft Suspension requires permanent attention on banks. And what is about GTR? This is Pitbull on the road, ready for race, ready for agressing someone, ready for humiliating someone. This car has a serious electronic background for active driving. If you are street racing addict, racing in the rush, line-splitting and all this outlaw stuff, this is definetely your car! It gives you unique sense of confidence, even if you are driving above 200mph, this supercar is holding the road, as it would be on rails. But, if you are rolling on street nobody atracts any attention to you, if on the other side Stingray is rolling.

It is an absolutely american car: loud, atractive, stylish, and quite fast. Nissan is a Ninja, highly effecient, but invisible, it needs less driver`s involvement, then C7 Stingray needs.
Weel, it`s up to you to choose: style, or technology; sweaty palms, or sense of confidence.