Have You Ever Seen An Excavator Climbing a Tower?

Tell us something that amazes you while watching something from our beloved vehicle world.Is it a car that reaches the speed limit? Or two powerful vehicles racing each other on the highway? Of course, these amaze everyone watching even the people not included in this world but what about some cool videos with heavy duty vehicles? Excavators for example.There are a lot of videos on Youtube showing some incredible skills of excavator drivers from all around the world.Today we want to show you an incredible one where a driver tries to climb a tower with his heavy vehicle.


That tower is a specially made platform structure just for this unbelievable trick.We couldn’t believe watching it climbing the tower step by step.Everyone at enrispeed.com staff applauded this incredible video.Check it out yourself what happened there and share it with your friends as well.Enjoy!

Check it out!