Experimenting With Foam Filling Tires – Do You Think It’ll Work?

The major rule of a tire is to hold air inside it to work properly.Everyone knows that but what about you face a situation where you cannot access to an air compressor because you are far away from the nearest mechanic shop? In these bad situations, all you have to do is improvising.This is what the guy from the video we brought for you today did.All he had in that moment was a can of seafoam and he decided to fill his flat tire with seafoam.This is a crazy idea only a crazy mind can do it.


To be sure there were not any more air inside the tire he started drilling some holes in his lawnmower’s tire.Then he started wasting a couple of seafoam can refilling that flat tire.Do you think it will work? Check out the video and see what happened to this YouTuber guy after his crazy idea.Share it with your friends as well.Enjoy!

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