You Can Totally Tear a Ford’s Aluminum Truck Apart By Hand – Ford’s Aluminum Isn’t Quite Holding Up As Promised!

Hi, Folks! Everyone knows already that Ford announced last year that they will use aluminum to build their vehicles.This left some mouths opened because people think that aluminum is not as strong as steel or any metal they used before or other car manufacturers still use to build their cars.Anyway, they promised that the aluminum is more efficient than any other metal and it is lightweight.This made people more skeptic and the experiments to prove that Ford is wrong started leaking all over the internet.Some guys threw rocks in Ford’s truck bed and some others used a hammer to prove if aluminum is strong enough.


Today we brought a video that is uploaded on Youtube since in 2015 where a mechanic tries to tear apart a Ford truck made from aluminum.Can you guess what happened? Check it out yourself what happened and tell us what do you think about it? Do you agree on Ford still using aluminum to build their trucks? Send us your video if you have done an experiment like this with a Ford truck.Share it with your friends and let them know that their new Ford sucks, LOL! Enjoy!

Check it out!