Sh** Focus ST Owners Say

Ford Focus and Racing are antonyms. Focus is a car that usually is not observed in the traffic. When the Mustang is rolling on the street everyone observes it, at least Stang represents himself with the sound.Focus attracts some sights, only if it is tuned up, but anyways it`s a Focus. It`s an average car without personality. Generally, this is not a bad ride for driving from A to B, but, if you are a speed-lover than Focus is not your option.

ford  focus
You may argue to me that Focus is a strong Competitor in Rallies, sure, Folks, but there is only a bodykit, Focus-styled. Don`t be upset, Ford has for you an option, even if you have money only for a Focus.Ford Focus ST. This is a hot version of а faceless hatchback.
I`ve called the dealer to get some more info about this “hot stuff”. That`s what I find out, Focus ST is equipped with 2.0-liter Ecoboost Turbo Engine (by the way, you can hear the typical turbo exhale when releasing the accelerator).

This engine in charged with 249 horsepower, which catapults 1-60 in about 6.5 seconds… Well, if you line up Impreza WRX STI, than prepare to inhale the dust. But you definitely will destroy the stock Focus, starting from the line, as well as you may humiliate RAV4, or Lancer X, or even Chevy Camaro (in case if the Chevy driver doesn`t know, that he`s in competition). Anyways Focus ST has more sport in his veins, than a stock-model. It has full range of electronic traction systems, and “pretend to be a race car” design.
ford    focus
Ok, guys, if you`ve got this car, than you , definitely would not spend your evenings alone. Racing seats are some kind of “Crystal Shoe”, if your girl fits there, she will go with you, if not she may try to fit in the backseat, if even that is impossible, she goes home alone! I`ve noticed at many American rides huge gap, between hood and radiator grill. You can put your iPhone there, maybe, this gap is made special for purpose. Hey guys, this is not looking good, imagine, if your girlfriend would have such a gap between teeth. Why not? If you consider, that building a car with such gap is normal (by the way, Viper has such a huge gap, you can place there your iPhone in the rubber bumper).

Integrated FordSync system will help to find some fun all over the World, since you`ve got Focus ST you can reach anywhere! Huge taillights have a very special design, you can see in the mirror, if your tail light or blinker is working properly, because the taillight ends right behind the rear door. While you are reading this, your buddy is hooking up some girls on his Focus ST, showing awesome burnout with front wheels.
If seriously, guys, that`s a normal ride for those, who cannot afford a muscle car, or at least GTR. It doesn`t look such freaky, like Subaru, and you can visit a mall with your family, without stressing someone. Focus ST can drive fast sometimes, so you can release the inner hool, when you are driving alone. I would buy this car for my son, as a first car to learn driving, but only with mechanic gearbox.