Ford Mustang GT350 vs. Challenger SRT Hellcat – Chase Or Being Chased?

As you have already seen that all the most of police departments choose to own Ford vehicles and this is not without a big reason.The cars made by Ford are marked as the best due to reliability and the performance these vehicles have.This does not happen only in the USA but all around the world.Today we decided to bring you an amazing video where some guys from Netherland have been planning for a comparison between a Shelby GT350 and a Challenger for a long time and here they are driving those two monsters in Europe’s roads.

The Shelby GT350 with 526 hp under the hood at a screaming 8,200 rpm is a rear car in Europe and the only disadvantage this vehicle has is the torque, only 429 lb-ft of it.On the other side, we have the Challenger, producing 707 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque.Which is the main disadvantage of it? We can’t wait reading your comments guys so don’t hesitate to leave us one.Share this cool video with your friends and enjoy!

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