18 Wheeler vs. F150 Wreck – Thank God The Driver Is Still Alive : WOW!

Ford Safety!
Ford is leading the way to keep its vehicles as safe as possible and this video shows it perfectly!
18 Wheeler vs. F150 Wreck – Thank God The Driver Is Still Alive : WOW!
Hi Folks! In this article we’ll discuss about the safety we have in our vehicles.How safe do you feel in your car? Deaths coming from car accidents are raising every year and if you say that you feel safe,you’re a little bit wrong,except you drive a 2016 Ford F150.Why I say that? Well, the video we brought you today features a Ford F150 truck that was recently slammed by a 18 wheeler and if you see the condition of the car from outside you will bet that nothing inside it is still alive but…Thank god the driver is still alive and in very good condition because his Ford F150 is made more stronger than any other vehicle.After the wreck its bed folded up and pushed the rear axle up and under the truck!

ford safety

Even it’s being rammed by a 40 tons 18 wheeler,the Ford F150 truck’s door opens without any problem because it haven’t got any damage and this is a great work from them,we have to admit.What car do you drive? Ok,now imagine being wrecked by a 18 wheeler while driving your car.Do you feel safe now in your car? Of course not.Personally if I would be in the place of that Ford F150 with my car,I’d be dead in seconds,for sure.So congratulations Ford for making your vehicles more safe for us.You did a great work.

Ford Safety – They’re Doing Their Vehicles Stronger And Stronger!

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Unfortunately we don’t have any video from that horrible wreck but we invite you to listen that guy what really happened with that crash.Check it out in the video below and be kind and share your opinion with us by leaving a comment.Share it with your friends.Cheers!