The Gas Monkey Garage Team is going to be short for a member as Aaron Kaufman is leaving!

We don’t know how familiar you are with The Gas Monkey Garage Team but today we have some sad news about them.Before giving the bad news we want to share with you the benefits all gearheads had watching this amazing team building amazing cars and extremely fast ones.They are really some talented guys doing things only they know how to do in the best way ever.These great things could never happen to this team without the well-known duo, Aaron Kaufman, and Richard Rawlings.This is the most iconic duo in car world that every human being may know.You can check all the episodes of their amazing car show Fast N’ Loud HERE!

Lately, Richard Rawlings officially announced that his teammate will no longer be a part of the show, in which he has been a part of since the day one.The rest of the days are legendary with this amazing guy.But this will never stop the coolest car show ever going forward with the great work and tell the people that they can do it with the rest of the members because this team has some really talented guys in it.

But what can we expect from this team in the next newest series of the show? Will they be able to tell the world that they can go forward after the loss of one of the most skilled guys they had?Of course, they’ll do and this will tell only the time.We have just to wait for the next series.Until then, enjoy the series in the link we provided for you.If you don’t know them, you’ll fall in love with their amazing work.