The Original Lee 1 From The Famous TV Series Dukes Of Hazard Is Now For Sale By The Folks At Barrett Jackson

General Lee for Sale
General Lee is one of the main characters is the TV show «Dukes of Hazzard”, this is one of the main badasses in whole TV series.Without him Dukes of Hazzard would not be so spicy. So General Lee is 1969 Dodge Charger. You may not see him, you can just hear the horn from long distance, and you will know that General Lee is on the road. This car is so famous of permanent stunt jumps, especially long jumps over creek, or police cars, but it car kick some butt, anyways.If you see Dodge Charger 1969, painted in Orange with its door open, be confident- this is not genuine General Lee. In the Real one, you may enter only through the windows, because doors are welded shut.

The name of the car refers to the Civil War General Robert E. Lee. There is confederate Flag painted on the roof (a rectangular variant of the square battle flag of Lee`s Army of Northern Virginia), also its horn is one or the most evident references to the Civil War history. First notes from the “Dixie” are familiar to every single American.
General Lee engines were various: 318, 383, 440 cubic inches, and just one 511 Hemi was used in Bo`s Generall Lee. 426 HEMI engine was not mounted on series cars, this was innovation is 2005 Dukes of Hazzard movie, when Cooter replaced Lee`s original motor. However, the “close-up” Lees (except for the first one) were 383-powered. The special purpose built “Ski Car” (the car that was used for stunts involving driving on the left side or right side wheels with the opposite side wheels in the air) had a 318, as it was lighter weight. Most of cars were equipped with 440`s and 383`s . 440 engine was more powerful it was used for jumps.

Despite of many people thought, that General Lee had Manual Tranny he was equipped with 727 TorqueFlite automatic.In 2008 General Lee was sold with $450.000, quite a lot even for legendary Charger.