The Best Proof That Girls Are The Most Distracted Drivers Ever!

Of course, not all the ladies out there deserve this medal but I’m so irritated because I just came from a mechanic shop repairing my car’s back bumper crashed by a lady that got distracted by her 6-month old baby in the back.How in the hell you are not focused on the road? There are a lot of things out there that will make your day the worst one yet since you got your license drive.Anyway, today we came across two innocent old ladies searching for a candle store but things went horribly wrong when they failed hard at staying sharp while driving.


This happened lately in Birmingham, Alabama outside an industrial park where two old ladies were searching for a candle shop when something bad happened to them.While they were distracted finding the shop, they faced a loading dock in front of them.They didn’t see it and felt down.We hope they are fine.Share it with your friends and tell us what do you think about girls driving skills.

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