This Gold Plated Ford Sierra SS Cosworth Will Blow Your Mind Away

Gold plated Ford Sierra Cosworth.
Ford Sierra is one of the iconic cars in 80s-90s, this car looks just great, even after 30 years. It sounds very smooth and nice. Sierra runs on the road, like a ship, but if you need to defend your positions on the highway, it can push anyone out. Ford Sierra is last warrior. Of course there are new models of Ford all kinds of New Fiestas, Mondeos and so on, but there is no Sierra, because it doesn’t fit our plastic generation. This was first car in our family, this was first car my father taught me to drive, and to shift gears, this was the car that saved my father in very serious car accident, rolling a couple of times and hitting a tree.

I cannot say anything bad about it, this is my childhood memories, that live in my heart. You may tell, that this is quite heavy RWD bucket of bolt, but I don`t give a F()ck, don`t love Ford Sierra, close this page now. Our Sierra, was Blue Universal with 1.6 liter gasoline engine with 75 horsepower. I can remember that sound and smell of cigarettes, gasoline and air-freshener.But Ford Sierra had a very hot version, which could compete which Mercedes E-500 (of course W124 body).Cosworth Sierra that was charged with 220 horsepower. For that time this was sick car! Somebody of you could remember that time, when 220 horsepower was something outstanding, as well as Sierra. Guys from Roose Motorsport decide to bring back the fame for this car. You, probably know this Show-off , when owners are plating with gold their supercars. Well Roose mad the same with Sierra, but we must understand, that this model of Ford is something different from modern Fords. This is Warrior, Ninja… it doesn’t show to everybody its value, but Sierra has a golden heart, literally. They plated whole engine with gold. That`s what I call serous tuning.
Sincerely, I would buy this Ford Sierra for my father, I think he would be glad to remember his youth.