“Grappler” Will Make Police Pursuits Faster & Safer – Check It Out!

Police chases are one of the most viewed topics on the Youtube because this looks very spectacular. Any Action Movie cannot be named so if there are no pursuits and spectacular crashes. Indeed, when two powerful cars are chasing one another this look very attractive and any driver is interested in looking at this, because not everyone had such experience, but everyone dreamed about this, for sure. Huge doses of adrenaline, burnouts, drifts, which car addicted wouldn`t accept such challenge? The one point, that stops the drivers from doing such things – Jail.

For such adrenaline, the street-racing driver can be imprisoned. The main target in pursuit is to stop the suspect as soon as possible, with minimal damage to involved cars. That is why there is a whole industry, which invents and produces such types of devices.


First and the most used till present days are road spikes, but the main disadvantage of this method – total loss of control upon the suspect car. This loss of control may lead to tragic accidents with human victims. That is why police troopers need to have another device to stop the car. Between many other solutions for troopers, one fits the need of modern police – perfectly. It is called “Grappler” This device is, basically the net, which is deployed right under the wheel of the suspect.

Grappler – Police Pursuits Will Be Safer And Faster Now!

The strongest advantage of this system is that suspect don`t lose control of the car. This means less damage and less possible victims. Moreover, the blocking net is tied by a strong strip to a trooper, thus makes an impossible further movement. You may ask, about the situations, when a suspect leaves the car and runs. Well, in this case, the strip is unfastened and trooper can continue the pursuit. One more strong advantage is the possibility to use the Grappler on undercovered cars.