This Shelby GT500 Does An Epic Street Burnout Without Killing Anyone!

GT500 Burnout!
There is a tradition, when some kind of automotive show is over, and drivers are heading towards their homes, they usually do the Goodbye burnout. In many cases, this looks quite spectacular, because of raging motor, smoking tires and other show-off stuff. You can also try to burnout while you are waiting the traffic light, especially, when you have a nice horny girl in your car, which you plan to impress to make some burnouts this night together. But there is one very important thing, to do the burnout, you need to train before your babe is in your car, otherwise, if you mess up, than you will meet you best girlfriend this night – right hand, and your best boyfriend – mechanic from workshop.

gt500 burnout

Doing burnout is not that simple, like step on both pedals simultaneously, in this case your clutch may burnout instead of tires. However, this is not benefic for tires, clutch, engine and gearbox. Ok, I`m not that kind of Hamster, who drives without violating speed limits, but doing burnout you must be confident, that this has some sense, I mean some chicks would appreciate this.

GT500 Burnout – Super Snake Pulls Out An Epic Street Burnout!

Well, if you have a truck, don`t be upset, my boy. Burnout at Diesel truck is more spectacular, than on muscle cars. Even stupid jerk can burnout the Mustang, try to burnout the Diesel truck? Listen to me now, you truck is Turbo Diesel, and for burnout you need maximum torque and rpm, but turbo cannot afford this from start instead of compressor. In this case all you need is to step on both pedals, and give some air to turbo, when the snail is angry – release the beast! Black smoke above, white smoke under… But watch out for cops, this is illegal. And they may satisfy you with a ticket.