This Guy Says That He “Hacked” a Tesla Engine – Check It Out!

The first thing a gear head thinks since after he gets a new car is planning the mods he will add to it.So his slow car will be a bit faster with some more horses under the hood.There are no “why” questions after this because this is how a speed fan lives.Anyway, the real question here is:”What about when his new car is a supercar, like Tesla?” Would he still consider the mods after getting a super fast car like Tesla? Of course, yes! There is never enough speed for guys like the one we mentioned above.

These vehicles are pretty quick since from the start but for the guy that uploaded the video we shared with you today is not enough.So, he started playing around with its engine until he found a way to “hack” it.You may ask:”How the f*ck he can hack a Tesla engine?” and our answer is:”Tune up the video we brought for you and check out this way he calls the reverse engineering”.Don’t forget to share it with your gearhead friends and family as well.Enjoy!