The Hottest Santa EVER Is Now Here With a Serious Performance Upgrade!

Christmas is now here and we couldn’t stay without sharing something special for our special visitors as well.Don’t wait to see the random Santa with his long white beard doing burnouts with his sleigh because this is something more special.His sleigh and even him have got some serious performance upgrades and prepare to be amazed for this one.Z-Performance wheels and Romanian model Larissa Tanasoiu have thought about this and produced this cool video for everyone loving Christmas.


They brought you some holiday cheer by transforming Santa into a hot girl and his sleigh into a beautiful painted BMW.Even though we think that the sleigh is even better than this car, pressingLOL! Check it out yourself because we know you cannot press the play button.Don’t forget to leave us your first impression and comment with the most precious thing you want for Christmas.Maybe Larissa Tanasoiu will park across your house.Enjoy!

Check it out!