This Guy Checks Rear-View Just Like Chuck Norris Does!

The winter is out there now decreasing the temperatures and filling the roads full of snow.Who wouldn’t love this amazing part of the year playing in the snow with your friends and family.I’ll tell you who wouldn’t love this part of the year: drivers! Driving your car in the winter is a pain in the a$$ because the ice and the snow may cause a million problems for the drivers and for the passengers as well.But not all the drivers hate the snow because they enjoy it so much on their vehicles.

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We share for you today a video of a driver enjoying the ice that winter brought to his country.I must say that this kind of enjoying the ice on your vehicle is pretty much dangerous but he doesn’t care.While driving on the highway he pulled out a stunt that will amaze all of you.It was a “Chuck Norris” style of checking the rear-view of the car.Check it out yourself and tell us what do you think about it.Enjoy!

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Check it out!

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