What Is An Alternator And How Does It Work!

How Does An Alternator Works!
The alternator is the one of the main part in the car. If it is damaged, than your trip is limited not only with fuel resource, but with power supply resource, I mean how long will survive your battery. As soon as you start your engine, alternator starts to general electricity to feed up the battery and other electric systems. Nevertheless, this small thing can cause serious problems if it fails on the road. Basically it`s the simple generator, based on electromagnetic induction principle. Nothing special: rotor, stator and electromagnetic field. Let`s take a closer look on this simple, but very important part. Running principle is very simple. In order to produce electricity, as we already said it is used the principle of electromagnetic induction, thus a coil should rotate in the magnetic field, or a magnetic field should rotate around the coil.

how does an alternator works

In case of alternator armature coil and rotor are the parts of the alternator. Rotor produces rotating magnetic flux and armature coil is stationery. Association between rotating magnetic field and stationery coil induces electricity. Such kind of device is called salient pole rotor.Well, let`s imagine that a rotor has four poles, that interacts wild stationary coil, in order to produce 60 Hz electricity, using the equation from school physics course we will find out, that rotor must rotate and 1800 rp, which is quite high speed and it may fail mechanically. What would be the best solution? Of course, increasing the number of poles; this will permit decreasing the rotation speed without power loss and with increased efficiency.

How Does An Alternator Works? Here You Can Find Everything !

DC power supply to rotor is delivered by special designed slip rings. DC current is delivered either from outside source, or from small DC generator. This kind of alternators are called self excited generator. OF course, if the voltage will become uncontrolled, than generator will increase rotation speed until terminal phase, and alternator will fail.You can watch the animation and get clear perception of alternator from inside.