Insane Drag Race : 1000bhp Shelby GT500 vs. GSX-R1000 and Bolt-on GTR!

Hi, Folks! For outlaw racers night is our day, when we can release our beasts. I`ve read in a scientific magazine, that addiction to speed has the same symptoms, as drug addiction. We love our cars, we understand them, we feel their mood. You love your car, she gives you everything she can give to you. Today we have three hot rides: Shelby GT, Nissan GTR, Toyota Supra and a bike, GSX-R1000. These are really uncommon cars, they are legendary and they can give a unique sense and unique experience of driving. All these monsters are tuned, and their aggregate horse herd can send the space shuttle on Earth Orbit.

First is a serious guy, robust and venomous Shelby GT. This ride has tuned intake, customized exhaust and throttle body. Well all this stuff gives this beast about 1000 ponies under the hood.
Next guest on the place is tuned Toyota Supra. This is turbo charged girl in red dress. She has 91mm GT55 “snail”, tuned to 31psi. It`s kind of big thing under the hood, which releases about 1100 horses.
My lovely GTR with his 600 HP is not such a mean beast. He has tuned injectors, intake, and of course tuned exhaust. Deep inhale and exhale, and just awful sound! AWD, this is quite a serious competitor for those two.

We have an interesting two wheel competitor. This is a 160 HP, GSX-R1000. This bike was lowered and stretched.
Those guys trying to figure out, who is the best of the best? And the first line up we have: Shelby, Supra and the GSX bike, starting from the roll. From the start Supra kissed her competitors goodbye and headed straight away. Well difference in masses and turbocharged Supra`s engine give to this Japanese girl huge power enhancement. Supra just flies away! Mustang Bites the Dust, as well as superbike does.
Second line up is between Supra, Mustang and GTR. As in the first line up Supra just flies out in space, and Mustang, this time shows his nature. Less powerful GTR has no chances in this drag, he just cannot compete with thousand horsepower rides.
Next line up is between Mustang, the GSX superbike and the GTR. This time Toyota decides not to humiliate her victims, as in the previous drags. Mustang shows us that he really has thousand ponnies under the hood. GTR with 600 horses remains in the backyard. Even the GSX can not compete with the Stang which has a good power supply to accelerate.
In the final what can I say about this line ups, about this drag racing? Small Japanese girl, just like in Japanese cartoons just destroyed tough guys. With its GT55 Turbo snail this 1.5 ton girl has the serious advantage in Drag.

Turbo, with its permanent increasing power, shows best results on straight line. Those cars are quite different, even though there are all racing cars, fast cars. Shelby and Supra are purely dragsters; GSX and GTR are made for line splitting. Anyways, Folks, all of them give you a huge dose of andrenaline, and make you laugh like a dummy for couple of hours. Go, try it out.