Insane Prank – He Puts 1 Million Orbeez Inside His Girlfriend’s Car!

Pranksters are growing day after day and the number of the channels dedicated this thematic is now a huge one.But if you want to check out some really impressive pranks we suggest to follow the IsaacLive channel in Youtube because this guy knows well how to pull out an insane prank.Today we want to share with you one of them and believe me you will be blown away after seeing the revenge prank he set up for his girlfriend.I said revenge because a couple of weeks ago this prank is filmed, his girlfriend put makeup in his face and uploaded it in SnapChat.


You don’t have any idea what is waiting for you girl, LOL! He decided to set up a prank that she will never forget so he thought that a million orbeez will do the work.He filled her car with them while she was sleeping and wait for her reaction.Check out what happened and leave us a comment if you would do this to your girlfriend’s car too.Share it with your friends and enjoy!

Check it out!