Jeep SRT 8 Walks Away Every Supercar With Its 840HP Under The Hood

Hey, do you remember “The Martian”, when Mark Watney, tuned up his space unit to get to the “Hermes”? The main requirement was enough power to catapult him in space. Billions of Dollars spent, on researches, modeling, and so on… He just needed one thing! “Say Hello to my little friend, Mark!”- Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.

This beast is equipped with a twin turbo 7.3 ltr engine, 1200 Hp, decompressed to 840 hp. It can line up every supercar and to teach them good manners. Above 2 tons of weight accelerates with some serious overload. It can stick you to the seat until driver releases acceleration pedal. This monstrous engine works with 8 gear automatic gearbox.

Let`s check it out what can he do on the track. We are the well-known Shift S3ctor Peak Aistrip Attack. Our first competitor is 550 Hp Nissan GTR. Nissan, is equipped with launch-control, it`s AWD as well as SRT8. GTR has advantage, being lighter, and lower. This advantage gives him a good jump on start, taking the lead. But it few moments everything changes. 840HP twinturbo motor, gives to SRT8 long term power increase, so Cherokee is more effective after a couple of moments, when he starts to accelerate as a rocket. At the finish line we have about 5-7 bodies advantage for the Jeep.

The next victim is 700 HP turbo Vette. The same situation, as it was with GTR: Corvette jumps from the start and taking the lead. Well, for this time SRT8 is not so confident in his result. Difference in half of tone, and only 140 HP less then Cherokee, good jump with RWD makes Corvette a real competitor for this Monster-Jeep. Plus, SRT8 has brick aerodynamics, comparing with a Corvette.

Jeep SRT 8 Walks Away Every Supercar With Its 840HP Under The Hood

The 600 HP BMW M3 didn`t even made a good jump, and was humiliated from the start. I think Jeep`s driver could have an espresso on finish line, waiting for his victim to arrive. I suppose that BMW driver just got a nap on the start line, cause the next line up he was quite good.

Who was really disappointed and broken – Supercharged Mustang, which even didn`t understood what his competitor is: a car, or a rocket. Weak start, weak acceleration. Well, Stang is wasted.
The real shock, I`ve got, when SRT8 just violated in pervert mode an Aventador! I was waiting for Karma hit this SRT8 with the Lambo.

I was absolutely confident, that Lambo would feed this Jeep with dust. But, it was absolutely viceverse. Collapsing on the start, and as result we have about 8 bodies of advantage. I think Lambo owner, burned his car that night. At least I would do this, if a SRT8 would destroy me in this mode.

It is not just simple SRT8 Cherokee. It seems to be a sleeper, being just one of the thousands of Jeeps on the road; you will never find out, that a monster is rolling near you, because he is sleeping… Until the sneakers are pushed in floor, and twinturbo 7.3L motor burns out the asphalt and sending his driver to Martian orbit.