This Amazing Jet Ski Equipped With Suzuki Hayabusa Engine Is a Hell Of a Built!

Hayabusa powered jet ski.
What is the meanest motorcycle in the World? Of course, you may think about Dodge Tomahawk, but I mean road motorcycle, because you will not see too much Tomahawks on the streets, despite of Hayabusa. Suzuki Hayabusa is meanest, fastest, angriest bike in the World. That`s my opinion, if you don`t agree – burn in Hell! Hayabusa, or GSX 1300 is a not a Superbike, this is, actually sport-tourer. Maximum speed is more than 300 km/h! This is fastest serial bike, literally, since 1999, when first generation was built. It has 197 horsepower, and we can only imagine what dose of adrenaline gets rider in his blood!

I suppose, when you ride Hayabusa on the streets you are getting used to this speed, and after all you cannot be satisfied with slower machines, even if these machine are meant for water cruising.I`m speaking about Jet Ski. This is a water bike, and average speed of Jet Ski is about 80km/h. Imagine, if you ride GSX1300 Hayabusa, 80km/h is the speed you walk on the streets. In this case, bright mind and properly installed hands are doing interesting things. Just imagine what dynamics will have 197 horsepower Jetski. I think this monster can compete with Class One Powerboats. Just look how rider lies on this jetski, when accelerating. Otherwise, this monster will flip him over. Look at this phenomenal speed. It`s absolutely incredible, steering on this water Hayabusa is quite difficult, because you need to use jet for steering, but having 197 horsepower engine you need to use it very careful. You can hear, rider is not turning with opened throttle, as on conventional jet skis. In order to perform a turn rider is used to open throttle intermittently, otherwise he will lose control of this angry machine while turning.

I suppose, falling on such speed in the water is quite painful.