Keep Watching That Well-Known Car Commercial Because It’s Made Greater!

American Power
America is a Global Teacher.This Country is teaching all the World different thing, some of them are good, some of them are no quite. But Global consumer perception is affected mostly by trends from US. Whole World is wearing jeans, drinks coke, and eats McDonalds. The most important thing, that America did for drivers and car lovers – is a car. Yes, I agree, that the very first was Daimler`s Motorwagen. But Henry Ford made car – a mass product. Model T was the commercial success: it was simple, relatively cheap, and it was produced massively. American Cars have their own style, you will never confuse American car with any other car. It has specific sound and muscles under the metal body. What would you call the icon of America Atumotive Industry?

Probably, Mustang, or Corvette? Yes, they are famous American all over the World, but this fame has another side of coin. Because European laws and requirements are lot more strict, than American in order to sell those cars on other markets, Ford and Chevy were used to dissolve the American blood with some European fanciness. You wonder, is it an icon of American car than? My answer is: “Definitely, YES”! This is such an American car that, you can feel striped-stars energy from outside. Meet our ol` partner: Dodge, Mad American, Challenger! This is the only car, that kept the pure American bloods in veins this is the only car, which is not officially sold outside the US. I will not tell you, that this car is awesome ride, I mean technically. Yeap, this is an out of date bucket of bolts that can drive only straights; moreover, it has diabolic appetite. However, this bucket has style, it has energy, it has sound.

And when you sit behind steering wheel you will feel that your balls are made of steel! Fuck yeah!