Leason Learned : Don’t Slice Open a Truck Tire!

Do not slice inflated and damaged tire
Men, despite women, do more stupid things, and that`s why we die quite often.Women are more precautious and this saves them from stupid injuries and even death. Show me a woman, who will try to put in some antifreeze in a hot engine. Usually, women are afraid of hot hoods. But when I was working in car workshop, I`ve seen a couple of such jerks, who tried to do this, and we pulled them away in very last moment before engine transformed in a hot geyser of boiling antifreeze.


And there are plenty of such dangerous mistakes that have quite a high price – health, or even life. The main particularity of every man`s comprehension is to touch that thing with his own hands. The main motivation is: “What if”. What if you try how strong enough is open tire? This is so interesting to see if you try to cut it with the knife, will it blow, or not? Why would this be such an important experience?

Leason Learned : Don’t Slice Open a Truck Tire!

When you will see other guy doing this, you can tell him: “Hey, man are you stupid, here`s 2.2 lbs”! It doesn`t matter if you did this before him! If you try to cut the damaged tire with the knife, get ready for explosion. 2 lbs. is a quite serious pressure, that may lead to confusion and some traumas. You may try cut the normal tire with the knife, and I`ll tell you, this is not so easy like they show in the movies. Lot easier way, if you need to flat someone`s tire is to unscrew the valve. But if you want to challenge yourself and to see if damaged tire will blow – go ahead.

Just don`t be surprised if you will get some traumas, and your hearing will be not so perfect.