Isn’t This The Lowest Truck In The World?

Lowest Truck Ever – Lowlife
Lowriders are very fancy cars, it actually started from the pretending. Guys, who didn`t have enough money to afford a sports car, don’t worry. If you don`t have enough money, but you have enough passion and some practical skills – you can have everything you want. That was the idea of first lowriders. However, they grew for the marginal car to fancy ride, and now every Gansta must have an old school lowrider in his garage. First lows were made very simple: there was no air suspension and all this jumping stuff; everything was very simple and cheap. The main idea was, that this is the car for those who couldn`t buy themselves a fast and low car. Although the lowriders were not just about show-off and pretending, some of them saved lives and reunited the families. After WWII, when Berlin was divided into two parts: Eastern and Western, some people remained separated as well.

lowest truck ever

To move from one side to other was impossible because of the “curtain of steel”, so people, in order to cross the border, made different tricks. One guy made a lowrider, that could pass under the barrier on the border. Marking the height of the barrier with the tie clip he made his life-saving vehicle and finally succeeds to move from East to West. This guy can repeat this trick definitely. His lowest truck can lie on the ground because it has good airbag suspension and the car can lie down on the ground.

Lowest Truck Ever – Have You Ever Seen Such A Low Truck?

Of course, this is definitely a part of the show, but it looks unusual and very funny. In order to make his truck lowest he could only imagine, we have used to transfer the engine in the back. In fact, this guy has the best car safety system. Nobody would steal this truck because it just can`t move, cause it lays on the bottom!