This Idiot Made a Burnout While Getting His Tank Filled At The Gas Station – Failed Hard!

What’s the most dumbass thing you have done with your car in your life? Did you rev it hard at neighborhood just to piss off your neighbors? Or, you have done a couple of burnout while you were drunk af? If you compare these dumbass things you have done with your car to this burnout this guy did while getting his tank filled at the gas station, yours is nothing! He started this as a game where he had to do burnouts on his BMW M3 at random places and the gas station was one of them.


Can you guess what happened? Fortunately, the place didn’t catch fire even he did the burnout while his car was attached to the gas hose.Things could have gone horribly wrong for himself, his BMW M3, for his friends, and everything around the gas station.Check out yourself what happened there and tell us what do you think about it.Would you try it once? Enjoy!

Check it out!