These Are 10 Most Expensive Car Crashes In History

Most expensive crashes.
When you have a supercar, you need to be ready, that in case of accident, this will go directly under hydraulic press. In very few cases you will have to deal with some scratched on the bumper. That`s why insurance payments are pretty high for those masterpieces. I mean automotive art masterpieces, because car that cost above half million bucks deserves to be named a masterpiece. As we already know people who drive Toyota Corolla, and other Mass-Market cars are just waiting you to smash your Ferrari, or Lambo.I think this hurts a lot, when you see your million bucks damaged without any chances to restore it. Let`s do like a smart people, if you have already a supercar – read this article to accumulate some experience. If you don`t have a Supercar – read this article to enjoy, that someone lost some solid kilograms of money.The cheapest accidents, are nearly half a million of bucks (Yeah, this is quite cheap). Buggati and Pagani Zonta look after the crash, like there is hope to restore them.


God Bless mechanics and Technicians, who will succeed in this. I`m not speaking here about the owners, I`m speaking about cars. The most painful moment for me was destroyed classic Mercedes Benz 300 SL. I am so upset by that, not because of crash price $750.000, but mostly because this Mercedes is Classic Heritage. Jaguar XJ220 is opening millioneers top – his crash costs exactly $1mln. Mr. Bean drives Mini Cooper just in TV show, but in reall live Mr. Bean loves to crash expensive McLaren F1 ($1.25 mln). Teared in pieces Ferrari Enzo will cost his owner $1.3mln. If you think, that Bugatti Veyron drivers are most disciplined drives… Not at all. Crashed Veyron will cost $1.6 mln. The next strong disappointment I felt when I saw 1959 Ferrari GT smashed $1.65 mln, and my broken heart. Right after this I had a heart attack – Ferrari GT 250 Spyder – completely destroyed, well, somebody will have to slim his wallet with $10mln.

And now the most expensive car crash ever Ferarri 250 GTO worth $28.5 mln. I think, either driver had serious insurance cover, and no stress about, or he had some serious Health problems. BE careful on the roads, Folks.