Motorcycle Cops Are Some Of The Biggest Badasses Out There!

Motorcycle police hot chases!
When you are on the motorcycle, feeling of the freedom can affect your reality presence. I mean, there is a feeling that bike is unstoppable. Many cases to police cannot stop the motorcycle because mostly they are patrolling on quite slow cars. Chasing the bike with the car is impossible… well not quite impossible, I have such experience, but my road rage target was on the scooter. Anyways to make him suffer for my broken mirror, I was used to putting all my experience and engine together.

motorcycle police2
In case, if he had serious motorcycle, I would pay that mirror by myself.
If you can easily chase any car, because this metal can will anyways get stuck in traffic jam, then bike can easily drive through the jam. What do we have as a result? Any criminal can ride a bike, and remain unpunished. For that purpose there is motorcycle police. Those pro-rider guys can chase every single biker to punish him.
You can see in the video that police officers reached everybody; nobody remained unsatisfied. This is not just about professional rider skills. Let`s analyze any chase, like competition between leader and follower. In many cases leader fails just because of his mistakes. Follower just going after, and analyzes all movements of his target.

Leader just shows the right way. Follower an is instrument of psychological pressure. Andrenaline in leader`s blood will definitely say his word, and he will do some tactical errors, and after all follower will reach his target.Moreover, motorcycle police officers are riding the bike all day long, and practice a is very strong advantage in this case. Well, Folks, think twice before trying to run from the police officer on the motorcycle. Of course, this is bad, but you can have so much fun, if wouldn`t get caught!

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