This is why you must NEVER send an F-150 to do the Duramax’s work!

This is a really bad situation for the huge Semi Truck that got stuck in the green area on a parking lot.It needs immediate help to get the hell out of there and for this, some guys sent a Ford F-150 to do the work but…It wanted to be the hero of the day but it failed hard to do the job of pulling that big Semi out of there.Guess who came to rescue? A big powerful Chevy 2500 HD Duramax enters the scene and started to do the job that the Ford F-150 couldn’t even get closer to it.


We do not want to embarrass Ford lovers with this one but the situation talks itself.The Ford couldn’t even move the Freightliner but the Duramax did it without sweating.Anyway, this battle is all about the gas vs diesel not only Ford vs Chevy because we all know that diesel engines have more torque power than other kinds of engines.If that Ford was a F-250 Powerstroke, we wouldn’t need the Duramax to come.Check out the video and see what happened there.Enjoy!

Check it out!