OLD vs. NEW: 1985 Chevy K10 vs. 2014 Ford Raptor – Pick Your Favorite One!

Every truck lover has their own preference when it comes to such vehicles.Beginning with the performance, age and even brand of these kinds of vehicles are the topics to make everyone being a fan.In fact, there exist some “wars” between fans of each kind of trucks and I am sure that the first that comes to mind is “Ford vs. Chevy” war as it makes everyone goes crazy when it comes to choosing the right one.Actually, we want to ask our senior visitors which one of them do you love? Ford trucks or Chevy trucks?


We have never made such a question so don’t hesitate to tell us your favorite one.In the video, we brought for you today, you will see a demonstration of a battle between an old Chevy K10, or to be exact 1985 one and a brand new 2014 Ford Raptor.But things get more interesting when you add a Honda Ridgeline pickup into the mix.The challenge is to figure out which one of them is better at climbing hills.Check it out and tell us what do you think about it.Enjoy!

Checck it out!