It’s So Satisfying To Watch What An Overhead Cam Looks Like At 14,000 RPM

It’s been now a trend on social media watching car or motorcycle parts working from an inside footage.Of course, it needs some modification to reach that view but who cares, what they look like while working is oddly satisfying.We’ve already created an article where we could see a clutch engage from the inside so guys if you have lost it, check it out again HERE! Today we decided to bring you something else, something special and we came across a video where you can see what an overhead cam looks like at 14,000 RPM.Aren’t you excited yet?


If you are not excited yet, tell us what do you think if we say that it belongs to a BMW S1000RR? This 193hp superbike was revving so hard producing a sound that is music to my ears.Personally, I couldn’t resist replaying this video hundred of times.Isn’t it impressive? Check it out yourself in the video we shared for you today and don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and family as well.

Check it out!