This Is How Rail Lines Are Joined – Railroad Thermite Welding!

If you are involved in the welding world you must know that railroad thermite welding is one of the oldest welding processes human being ever know.It produces a huge amount of heat as a result of highly exothermic reactions of metal oxides.It requires high skills at welding and excellent mechanical properties for the job to be nicely done.There are two ways you can do the process of
railroad thermite welding.This is something older guys say about it because we have never tried it before.(Check out some other welding techniques HERE!)


The first way to do it is to first melt the filler material that is needed to join the two parts of the railroad and the other choice is to melt the end of those two parts of the railroad and then press with force to join them.We invite you to check out the video we brought for you today,filmed in Sweden,and you’ll find everything you need about this cool technique to weld a railroad.Share it with your friends as well.Enjoy!

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