RC Car Speed Run Insane Horrible Crash Flips Guy Over At 100mph!

R/C car HitFlip.
We were speaking a lot, about R/C cars, planes, and ships.Today we will speak about it once again. Operating R/C model is not that safe, as you could think. Yes, there is a risk of being hit by the plane, if he is damaged in the air and is falling down. But what danger has a R/C car, when you are operating it? Even if it loses control, it has not so much energy to ride by itself. Even though you are losing control of the car, you can just jump above the car, if it is going towards you. This is right, but not quite. Imagine, that you built R/C model, which can reach 100 mph. Do you think this is impossible?

Look at the video. This small monster can reach 100 mph, and this is R/C Model. Look how fast this thing reaches top speed. I think this model can compete with some real supercars, and I am confident, that R/C Model will lead the acceleration. Actually, you are driving with average speed of 75-90 mph on the highway, this tiny can slap you couple of times, because it can reach 100 mph in less than a couple of seconds. In this case, you need very good skills to operate this small R/C Model, because this is not a joke, but 100 mph.So what`s happen? A car was set up for starting, and everything was just fine before. This start gone wrong, and from first meters model lost control of the road. In certain moment R/C bullet turns left and in just a moment operator is flipping in the air. He probably, tried to stop somewhere, but this start gone so wrong, that operator used to fly a little. In slow-mo we can see, that operator tried to jump over the flipping car, but it was too late.

I think medics in the emergency were laughing out loud after they heard where did this guy told what was the reason of his trauma.