Girl Tried To Steal a FPV RC Car – Watch What Happened!

RC Car Thief!
Do not steal – this is one of the 10 commandments. But people are made so, they are stealing something all the time.
This is very upsetting, when you were working, investing your time, money, passion in something, but somebody takes it from you. In Arabian Countries till now there is a tradition to chop-off the hands from thieves. And this is quite good practice, because many criminals feel themselves very comfortable in prison. If you heard About Dracula, than you might know, that his prototype Transylvanian Prince Vlad Tsepesh was very tough with thieves. That`s why there are a lot of legends, that in the time, when Tsepesh ruled the Transylvania nearby the wells were golden mugs, and everyone could drink from them, but nobody could steal them otherwise thief was tortured till death.

rc car thief

I think this is quite tough, but efficient. When you have a cool RC and just having fun cruising on the streets with it – nobody cares. Who needs to steal your RC car, if there is no remote control. Without it this is just a useless toy.Be serious, who need your toy? Of course two chicks may have interest in stealing your car, but believe me, the RC car is not an attraction for them… Ok, what would be the attraction? What would be the target? OF course, a GoPro camera on board! The only thing those chicks made wrong – they tried t catch the car from the from, when they need to do it from the back. But girls are not used to hunt – this is something common for males. Luck for this guy, that he met not the smartest chick in the hood, otherwise he would buy himself a new camera, or maybe a new RC Car.

RC Car Thief – Girl Tries To Steal a FPV Car!

Be careful on the roads, especially with GoPRo Camera.