RC Drone Flies Over Nude Beach And Get Chased Out – Watch What Happened!

Big Brother is watching and jerking sometimes.
The main problem of XXI century is the lack of privacy. Everyone knows everything about us. Facebook, Instant, and YouTube – we have no right to make mistake. You cannot come back drunk, singing songs on the streets, because somebody will put you on the YouTube. You cannot just have sex at your home, or enjoy the sun on the nudist’s beach because somebody could spy you with the drone.Drones became very popular last years. They are very simple to operate; this is not like operating R/C plane. You don`t need to know too much about the wind, stalling effect and all those aviation tips.

The drone can operate even monkey, that holds Remote Control fo the first time. Despite R/C planes and helicopters, drones can be equipped with a camera, so you can watch from high point what is going on down there, or up there. By the way, in Japan drones must hold the license to be allowed to fly anywhere. There is Drone police, who is catching unauthorized drones in special net. I think this is so right, because, it is not a big pleasure, when, you want to hang out with the chick and you see the drone is flying above.
In this particular case, I am disappointed with drone owner because this fat jerk was flying above the nude beach, recording the people, who were there, and after there ran like a piggy. What for he did this, to see, if the beach is clear, and he can bring his children there. Well, don`t piss me off, everyone knows the place, where nudists are hanging out. This is their place, and nobody comes there with children.

I know a lot of beaches, where I can take my children, but not at the nudist`s beach. I`m wondering how someone on that beach didn`t broke his drone.
Guys, don`t proceed like this piggy from the video. You need to see something – than go and see, but not like a coward look from up high.