Must Watch This R/C Helicopter Going Crazy And Defeating Gravity!

This R/C helicopter defeats the gravity.
Helicopters are most universal aircraft.They are multipurpose, and can be used everywhere. If you need to reach some point, where you cannot reach with car, bike, or airplane – helicopter is your option. It can transport the goods, transport people, work as a rescue aircraft, or even a heavy-duty crane. There are fire department helicopters, which can defeat any fire whether it is in the city, or in the forest. Even if you need to reach high mountain regions, where you cannot use other transport, helicopter can reach everywhere. Leonardo DaVinci makes first plans of an aircraft, similar to the modern helicopter in Renaissance.

But the helicopter fever start only in 60`s XX century. Despite of two Giants, USSR and USA are arguing for the leadership in this domain there are only two conventional models of helicopter engineering. Two main different schools of helicopter building are: with tail rotor, and without tail rotor. Today we will speak about first type of helicopters, we will speak about new hobby, getting more popular day after day – R/C helicopter high pilotage. We`ve all studied physics is school, and we know about gravity nearly as much, as Newton. After watching this video, you will have some doubts about the existence of the gravitation, because, everything this Tirex R/C Helicopter makes in the air is absolutely impossible. This small toy makes such complex figures, that you will watch this video repeatedly. I promise, you wouldn`t believe your eyes. Most of those who are reading this article have some general perception of helicopter`s dynamics. Alan Szabo, the pilot of this helicopter, just crashes all our perceptions in small pieces! I would call this guy not a pilot, but an artist, a choreographer, just because this is a dance I the air. A technical dance!

I wonder, if something similar can do a real helicopter???