R/C Truck Bodies Built By This Guy Are Super Realistic – Building a 1977 Ford F150 Body!

RC Trucks – This Guy Builds Probably The Most Realistic Truck Bodies Ever : Watch The Video And It Will Make You Want One Of Them!
R/C Truck Bodies Built By This Guy Are Super Realistic – Building a 1977 Ford F150 Body!
Hi truck lovers! Today is your turn to dedicate a great article about trucks.Great vehicles.Beside driving your truck all the day around,pulling some nice burnouts and making some really good shaped donuts on the ground what is your hobby? Drinking beer with guys,playing cards and billiards? Or are you addicted to the newest hobby ,catching pokemons? Well,while you’re doing such things another guy is making something more satisfying to spend his free time.He builds RC trucks bodies out of wood and we think that he is the most talented guy in that field from all around the world because we have not seen anybody else creating such realistic RC trucks bodies!

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Since when he started we understood that it will take a lot of time finishing one of those super realistic bodies made from wood because since the beginning he took care for every minor element of a 1977 Ford F150 truck.We couldn’t take our eyes off for a second because it was the most satisfying video we have ever watched with some really satsfying results.We want some of thos bodies and we will try ordering some.

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RC Trucks-Super Realistic ’77 RC Ford F150 Body Built By This Man

Check out the video below and see how this guy builds the most realistic RC truck bodies of the world.He also added some footages of its first ride and its amazing.Don’t forget that reading your opinions is important to us so don’t hesitate leaving us a comment.Share it with your friends as well.Enjoy!