Unreal Russian All-Terrain SUV – What A Real Monster!

Russian SUV – This Monster Vehicle Is All Terrain And It Can Even Swim Because Its Made Of Porous High Strength And Lightweight Material!
Russian will be forever on the top of the list of countries that create such unreal all terrain vehicles – The reason is probably the difficult terrain they have there!
Hi Folks! Today we brought you the latest monster all-terrain SUV Russians have built.It has a perfect design and it is built with high performance materials such as Porous High Strength and lighweight material allowing it to swim and challenge every terrain it gets in front of this monstruous SUV.Any idea how much does it costs? We’ll tell you! $140,000 costs this new Russian all terrain SUV for now but if you wait just a few months and search on secondary market we think it will cost less.Is it worth $140K? You decide!

russian suv

Unreal Russian All-Terrain SUV – What A Real Monster!
Terrain Amphibian. Super SUV.The engine of a bear-amphibian from Nissan FE6, and bridges on the GAZ-66. arrival and departure angle of 40 degrees. The new all-terrain vehicle consumes about 30 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

Russian SUV – This All Terrain Vehicle Is A Real Beast!

Isn’t it a little too much? Check out the video below and see what this vehicle can really do.Share it with your friends and enjoy!