The Shock Wheel Will Revolutionize The Bicycle Industry – Check It Out!

This may sound weird, but we a very lucky generation, we have possibility to witness the birth of the wheel. Don`t get the idea, I will explain you. We would not speak about all those fancy rims, but about the new type of rim, a revolutionary rim. I would name is a “Wheel 2.0”. What is the point of this wheel? In order to receive a pleasure from any ride the wheel should be coupled with shock absorber, otherwise you will feel every bump, whether is small or big one.


However, one main problem of any shock absorber is the only one-direction action. During the ride wheel receives different types of hits and after all to have more comfort we all of them need to be absorbed. Of course, we can mount a bunch of shock absorbers, that have different action, but this will look very ugly, and such kind of construction will cost you a lot. What is the solution though? Remember, that everything genius is very simple, and maybe you will reach the idea to mount shock-absorbers directly into the wheel. I mean to make entire rim a shock absorber. Sounds weird, but no for Chet Baigh, the guy who made this idea a real project.

The Shock Wheel Will Revolutionize The Bicycle Industry – Check It Out!

Surfing Motorcycle – Isn’t This An Amazing Invention?

Moreover, he already rides the bicycle, equipped with his invention Shock-Wheel. What is this Shock Wheel. It looks like a normal wheel it is round, but inside the rim there are shock absorbers, which look like a leaf spring, but in fact they are bow springs. This simple technology permits to absorb any shocks from any direction, giving the ultimate comfort, while riding the bike. Shock Wheel gives the unique possibility of smooth ride that was no quite possible on the bicycle with conventional wheels. Hope, that this technology will be launched in mass-production, because I`m in search of new bicycle!