These 10 American Car Insurance Companies Are The Best Of 2016 – This Is Why!

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Have you ever asked yourself why does diesel oil turn black? This guy has an answer!

Here we are giving you some morning diesel knowledge. We all have seen oil coming from the engine looking very dark, even if you have recently changed it. Many don’t really understand why does this happen but today we are

This Tiny Functional V8 Engine Is Entirely Made Out Of Paper And It Is Amazing!

Did you know that this V8 engine is almost made out of paper? We all imagine engines as powerful stuff with a lot of effort put in there and of course, a really good material that makes is resist. But

Can you fit a v12 in an old school Toyota mx41? Sure as hell. Engine Swap Of The Year!

It was one of those crazy afternoons when a crackhead from new Zealand decided to build the craziest ’79 Toyota mx41 mark II and transform its engine into a monstrous new one. With only headers modified the v12 fitted perfectly

Insane 4K Footage Of a Running Engine With a Clear Head – Slow Motion!

Watching a running engine from an inside view angle is something everyone needs to but watching it in 4K and slow motion in the same time will make your jaw touch the ground.This video is provided lately by the guy

These guys tried to use Coca-Cola as engine oil and this is what happened!

We’ve seen a lot until now, from the guy that used salad dressing as engine oil to the guy that poured some glue into his old car’s engine.But this doesn’t end here.Today we came across to another crazier guy that

It is not often to see what a running engine looks like from inside but this glass cylinder head gives us a great visual!

Seeing through the car parts while they are running is something not everyone can have the pleasure to see but thanks to the internet everybody has the ability to find a video where some nice guys decide to satisfy our

How Long Do You Think Will An Engine Last If You Pour Some Glue In It!

Pouring some glue in your car engine is something only crazy minds can do such an insane stunt but if you have an old car and you want to throw it away why not making some experiments with it.We have

Watch Movie Online Lion (2016) subtitle english

Lion (2016) HD Director : Garth Davis. Producer : Iain Canning, Angie Fielder, Emile Sherman. Release : November 24, 2016 Country : Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America. Production Company : The Weinstein Company, See-Saw Films, Screen Australia, Aquarius

Ford Mustang GT350 vs. Challenger SRT Hellcat – Chase Or Being Chased?

As you have already seen that all the most of police departments choose to own Ford vehicles and this is not without a big reason.The cars made by Ford are marked as the best due to reliability and the performance

This W-16 Bugatti Chiron Engine Made From Titanium Is An Engineering Masterpiece!

If you ask a non-car guy what’s his favorite vehicle he will mention the Bugatti first.They think that money makes a car more impressive.If you think like that too, you’re probably are wrong as well but anyway, there are some