These 10 American Car Insurance Companies Are The Best Of 2016 – This Is Why!

“Top 10 car insurance companies of 2016” Car insurance companies! Car insurance companies is mandatory in most States. Driver can be penalized, or even lose his driver`s license, if he dares to Watch Here


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Have you ever thought a scooter with a wheelie bar would win a random race?

Maybe a scooter is not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a winner of a race. Believe it or not, it happened and it will happen again I guess. It was one of those

You Won’t Believe How Rare Are These Incredible Motorcycles – Once In a Lifetime Barn Find!

Since the early childhood we were dreaming about treasures. We imagine that we are in the pirate cave, where are kept the biggest treasures in the World. We grew up, but the passion for treasure did not passed away. The

Motorcycle Concept With Three Inline Wheels? Only The French Designer Julien Rondinaud Can Do It!

French design is famous for its innovative solutions. Look at French cars, and you will understand what it is all about. French designer have a talent to think out-of-box, and that is why their imagination gives birth to marvelous things.

Believe Me That This Is Not A Trick But An Amazing Surfing Motorcycle – Check It Out!

Surfing Motorcycle! A talented person is talented in everything, the same we can say about passionate persons, who are led by this fire in their souls. Those people are moving the World and making impossible a reality. This sounds like

We Present To You The 2017 Harley Davidson Milwaukee Eight Engine!

New Harley Davidson Engine! Synonim of motorcycle is Harley Davidson. This is the coolest shield you could have on the fuel tank of your motorcycle. Harley Davidson motorcycles are legends on two wheels. It was founded in far 1903 in

Isn’t This The Craziest Trike You Have Ever Seen?

Insane Trike!Hypercars are something that doesn`t shocks us anymore. Cars with more than 1000Hp are perfectly street legal, and moreover we have larger range of hypercars. Remember when Bugatti Veyron Appeared, that was madness, 1000 horsepower! Today 1000 horses is

Kawasaki H2 Rearview Camera Shows How This Ninja Motorcycle Humiliates State Troopers!

Kawasaki H2 humiliates State Trooper. Superbikes are the transport, that gives full mobility for the rider. Such bike is maneuverable and very fast, extremely fast. Superbikes can achieve 300 km/h. In just glance of the eye they reach incredible speed.

Kawasaki Ninja H2R Hits 0-400 km/h In 26 Seconds – Rocket Machine!

Kawasaki Ninja H2R Just Broke Every Speed Record – Reaches 250mph In Matter Of Seconds! Monster Motorcycle Hits 0-400 km/h In 26 Seconds – Rocket Machine!Hi Folks! This article we dedicate every motorcycle fan out there following us,especially those who

This 700CC,3 Cylinder Sportbike Is a Hell Of a Built!

2 stroke Yamaha We know perfectly 4 stroke cycle: Roll it up, Light it up, Smoke it up, Inhale/Exhale… Sorry, wrong cycle! I mean: Intake, Compress, Ingnite, Exhaust. This is classic 4 stroke internal combustion engine. But there is two

This Girl Is Passing Every Vehicle On Her Monster Motorcycle!

Beware of cannonball! We are used to people with obesity are very passive.Usually they don`t run fast, drive fast, dance, they are moving quite slow, because of their weight. WHO tries to defeat the problem, but this problem cannot be