Testing Ford Cars For Police – This New Armor Protects Them Against Armor Piercing Ammunition!

Everyone knows that Police must be prepared for everything nowaday.There are a lot of criminals out there that don’t care about anything and will shoot everything they see.So,Ford has a nice solution for this problem.It offers new armor panels for its line of police interceptors that can resist to a 30+ caliber armor piercing ammunition. This line of Ford Police Interceptor become first pursuit-rated police vehicle to offer ballistic protection against armor-piercing rifle ammunition.Isn’t it awesome? It is considered a Type IV armor by the US Department Of Justice and this is the second offer by Ford because they previously offered the Type III armor of their vehicles but it could resist only to 30 caliber bullets.


They also offer some other really amazing features on their vehicles such as protection for officers in case of an accident.This advanced safety technology absorbs the energy of the collision,that might be fatal for the officers,and direct the impact forces away from them.You can find more information about these Ford cars for police in the video we brought for you today.Don’t forget to leave us your opinion about them and share it with your friends!

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